Jesse Gilbert projection design, software and sound

Presentations at University of Porto & IPA, Portugal

Jesse will present his work with sound artist Maile Colbert at the University of Porto, Faculty of Fine Arts as part of the i2ads research group’s “Cinemas” series. He will also present with Colbert at the Instituto Superior Autónomo de Estudos Politécnicos in Lisbon.

Strategies for collaborative realtime performance using SpectralGL

Live audio-visual interactive performance and presentation by artist and SpectralGL creator Jesse Gilbert

Audio by Maile Colbert

SpectralGL is a visual instrument that employs an interactive software system to generate real-time 3D animation in response to live or recorded sound. Revealing the deep structure of sound in a visual language that is both intuitively and aesthetically linked to our emotional experience of music, SpectralGL’s interface gives the performer the means to generate highly dynamic 3D scenes that place the observer in a visual relationship that both enhances and reflects on the process of listening.


Wednesday – January 29th, 2014

IPA – Instituto Superior Autónomo de Estudos Politécnicos
Campus Lumiar
Alameda das Linhas de Torres, 179
1750- 142 Lisboa

(closed lecture for students only)

Thursday – January 30th, 2014

Faculty of Fine Arts – University of Porto
Avenida Rodrigues de Freitas, 265
4049-021 Porto Portugal

Free and open to the public –  event page here.

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