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A five part performance series of imagined environments conceived and created by Grisha Coleman.


echo::system is a performance of ‘constructed’ environments with live music, dance, live video and electro-acoustic design. Performers and viewers co-exist within a sensory rich, immersive environment, witnessing stories that unfold as a way to re-examine contemporary urban life.

From 2002-2005 I was a part of the interdisciplinary team that created early versions of echo::system action stations #1 and #2.  My involvement centered around creating live electro-acoustic sound design for the performances, and in creating an agent based simulation driven by genetic algorithms to create a stochastic representation of the classic predator/prey ecosystem model.  This simulation, constructed in dialogue with population biologist Michael Bryant, was run alongside the performances and was used to drive elements within the performance environment and projected as a live visual element.

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Herbivore heterogeneity map :: Herbivore population map :: Carnivore population map

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