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Microsoft campus

An interactive installation by MODE Studios.

In 2008-9 I was part of MODE Studio’s dev team that implemented four interactive LED installations on the Microsoft IEB (Interactive Entertainment Businesses) campus in Redmond, WA. These large scale interactive installations channel a variety of inputs to control a real-time, algorithmically generated set of animated scenes. I coded several control modules for these installations, including: real-time traffic and weather network modules for high-level installation control, and the MODEMatrix, a high performance messaging matrix and automated queuing system that is responsible for connecting interactive modules to visual and auditory outputs and managing the behavior of the installation over its life cycle.


Bob Bonniol – installation design
Pablo Molina – lead developer
Jesse Gilbert – network and control programming
James Nick Sears – visualization programming
Bo Bell – computer vision programming
Nathan Ruyle – audio programming and sound design

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