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Barbershop Punk

A documentary by Georgia Sugimura Archer and Kristin Armfield.
Music composed by Peter Golub.


I was the sound designer for this feature length documentary, primarily using sound collage and effects to enhance the narrative and provide interstitial transitions throughout the film.

Is “The Man” controlling the vertical, the horizontal, and the channel you’ll be on?

In a privatized American Internet, is big business “Big Brother” or does the free market protect and serve the needs of the average citizen with its invisible hand? With the simple act of swapping files, barbershop quartet baritone Robb Topolski finds himself at ground zero of a landmark case whose outcome will affect the rights of every American citizen. Following one man’s personal quest to defend what he believes to be his inalienable rights, BARBERSHOP PUNK examines the critical issues surrounding the future of the American Internet and what it takes to challenge the status quo.

SCREENINGS: SxSW Film Festival (Austin), AFI SilverDocs Festival (Washington DC), Big Apple Film Festival (NYC), AFI Fest (Los Angeles), and many more.

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