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An interactive installation by Marie Sester.
Character motifs composed and performed by Daniel Bernard Roumain (DBR)
Bo Bell, Motion Control / Interactivity Development

Photo credit: Justin Hall


BE[AM] is a spatially interactive immersive installation which displays visuals from a database of American pop culture and offers the visitors control of three familiar iconic characters via video gamepads.

I created the sound design and 8-channel audio diffusion system for this installation project.  The sound design, as in, was a collage drawing from a large library of audio clips that represent, both literally and obliquely, violence in society.  In addition I built an audio engine that allowed for the layering of musical motifs in response to user input via joysticks in the installation space.  I also acted as technical director for the project, overseeing project development and integrating code modules as necessary.

Credit: Marie Sester

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