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An interactive installation by Marie Sester.
Computer Vision Developer – Andre Bernhardt.

Website: is an interactive installation with web surveillance interface in which a movie frame from a montage of violent excerpts from films, news media, and computer games “attacks” visitors via a robotic video projector and computer vision tracking system.

I was the sound designer, lead developer, and technical director for this installation work.  The sound design is essentially a sonic collage made up of hundreds of samples that both literally and obliquely represent violence in society, presented monumentally in a multi-channel diffusion pattern in the installation space.  My development work centered on the integration of an infrared camera tracking system into a motion control system for the DL1 DMX-controlled video projector from High End Systems.  Tracking coordinates were translated into pan/tilt instructions that allow the projected image to dynamically follow visitors to the installation space.

Exhibitions: Färgfabriken (Stockholm) 2007, Laboral Centro de Arte (Gijón, Spain) 2007

Credit: Marie Sester

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