Jesse Gilbert exploring transdisciplinary arts and culture


A multi-location performance spectacle.

Made possible with funds from Creative Capital Foundation.

Presented at the following venues:
New Museum (NYC), 2001
Dumbo Arts Center (NYC), 1998
“Recycling the Future”, presented by Kunstradio (Vienna), 1997
Ars Electronica (Linz), 1997

Read a review by Joel Johnson,

Jesse Gilbert, sound
Helen Thorington, text, sound & photography
Marek Walczak, 3-D
Jonathan Feinberg & Hal Eager, programming

ADRIFT was an evolving multi-location Internet performance event that combined movement through 3D space, multiple narratives and richly textured sound streaming between virtual and real geographies.

Recent performances were designed for presentation as spectacles in physical locations. Making use of the output of 3 vrml cameras, ADRIFT was received by three computers and projected by three projectors onto a semicircular screen. The work focused on multiple journeys through a harbor and through virtual space.

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