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Drawing Lessons

A short animated film by Maureen Selwood.


“I took the numerous drawings my mother did for the Betty Edwards’s Upside Down exercise from Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain and made a film about obsession and love.  The heroine finds unexpected solace in nature outside her bedroom window.”

I did the sound design and mix for this animated short, which primarily consisted of ambient sound effects woven together with musical interludes improvised by cellist Tanya Haden.

SCREENINGS: Kunstfilm Biennale (Germany), REDCAT International Animation, ANIMAC International Animation Festival (Spain), FIFA (Montreal), Art-Center Berg (Russia), Nashville Film Festival, Kansas City Jubilee, Black Maria, Ann Arbor Film Festival, Atlanta Film Festival , Ottowa International Film Festival,  Anima Mundi, Big Muddy Film Festival.

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