Jesse Gilbert projection design, software and sound

DE: Materia

A multi-media immersive performance/installation directed by Carole Kim.

Studio 604, Brewery Arts Complex, Los Angeles
July 22+23, 2006

I created the sound design for this performance/installation by employing a six channel real-time audio diffusion and sampling system of my design.  The system was used to process the live input of the musical performers (GE Stinson and Nels Cline) and layer in sounds from my library of original audio clips.

Credit: Carole Kim

Stereo audio documentation of each performance:

With G.E. Stinson

With Nels Cline


CAROLE KIM, direction, video installation

OGURI, dance
SHURIU LO, dance

GE STINSON, electric guitar
NELS CLINE, electric guitar
JESSE GILBERT, sound design & spatialization

ASTRA PRICE, live video mix
MAILE COLBERT, live-feed video
ADELE HORNE, live-feed video

MIRABELLE ANG, video documentation
CHAUNCY GODWIN, audio documentation

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